What We Offer

Firestring is a Knowledge Management and Social Business Software Company offering intelligent collaboration and search technology as well as unique Big Digital Consulting services. We'll help you align your strategy and operations and improve your customer-centricity through intelligent analytics, efficient back-end platforms and staff alignment methodologies.

Firestring provides a range of unique software products and expert consulting services that leverage Web 2.0 and the Social Web to help you achieve your business objectives.

  • Big Digital Consulting Services, helping your teams to move towards increased customer-centricity and derive business benefits from Big Data, Digital Marketing and agile strategies that span between your back-office systems and all of your customer touch points.
  • Serendipity, metadata automation and search acceleration for MS SharePoint and other applications. Serendipity is a ground-breaking, Web 3.0-enabled Semantic Metadata Engine.
  • An award-winning out-the-box Enterprise Social Network and Knowledge Management Suite (on-premise or hosted)
  • Social Business Consulting Services, to design and introduce more collaborative business processes within your company helping to introduce change and manage increasing business complexity. Social business done right will facilitate silo-busting, open innovation and much higher levels of staff engagement.

Backed by the largest IT Group in Africa, Firestring is a proud member of the Britehouse Group of Companies, the leader in delivering SAP, Microsoft, Mobile and Social Business Solutions.

Client Testimonials


“Firestring allowed BRIDGE to connect innovators; to in real-time – publish content, share work in practice, maximize resources, reduce duplication, share with each other and talk about what works. Resulting in an increase in trust, common purpose and collaboration.” - Barbara Dale-Jones, CEO – BRIDGE

Consol Glass

"Looking for the ability to troll our existing repositories of information, to enable us to index them through a semantic search engine and avoiding the very laborious process of manually creating a taxonomy. We have found that the Firestring product specifically gives us this ability". - Johan du Plessis, IT Director and CIO – Consol Glass

What's News?

  • Coming Soon in November: KM Seminar

    How do you retain organisational knowledge when employees leave? How do you share and collaborate across your organisation in a way that helps the business? Can you find the information on your organisational file shares, when you want it? Firestring’s KM Seminar is an eye opener to the enormous possibilities that lie in using social business approaches to improve the overall health and competitiveness of your organisation. Stay Tuned. Date to be confirmed.

  • August 2014

    Firestring proudly launches its latest digital transformation project, Enactus South Africa, a non-profit organization bringing together student, academic and business leaders committed to using entrepreneurial action to improve lives. Find out more at: Enactus South Africa

  • 04 July 2014

    PPC takes information sharing and concrete innovation to next level. Concrete is the most widely used man-made material in the world and is a cornerstone of civilization. The leading supplier of cement in southern Africa, PPC Ltd has launched the Cement & Concrete Cube (C3), a dynamic information sharing and collaboration platform powered by Firestring. Find out more at: Cement & Concrete Cube